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Best Logistics Company in Philadelphia

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With roots in the transportation industry dating back to 1895, Hughes Custom Logistics has pioneered the way commercial and logistics services are done in the Philadelphia and Central Florida areas.  Whether you need professional moving, relocation, or anything that requires moving things from one place to another, Hughes Custom Logistics can provide the services you’re looking for.  We offer our partners and customers a full suite of workplace services and custom logistics solutions to meet their evolving needs.  Hughes Custom Logistics stops at nothing to get the job done on time and under budget, with experienced, professional, and flexible crews that will ensure you’re satisfied.  Trust the name that so many companies already do and let us show you how custom logistics can change your business.  If you need help with any of the following relocation projects, get in touch with us right away:

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Where Do We Fit Into
Your Company’s Supply Chain?

Finding a great logistics company in Philadelphia, Ocala or Gainesville can be a challenge. But if it’s relocation logistics that you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place. Hughes Custom Logistics is a logistics company on a mission: to provide the best relocation logistics for all your organization’s needs.

For many businesses solving their workplace and logistics challenges is a chore. Logistics, to most companies, is not a core focus but rather it is a function of their business they must grapple with to service their customers. Hughes Custom Logistics can fill that gap, reduce stress and handle the complexities of your company’s logistics needs. Our philosophy is simple: we create custom solutions for our customers and provide seamless execution.

Having a great relocation logistics partner can solve many problems your organization might be facing with logistics companies. You can easily facilitate moves, get advice and support about how to set up at your new location, and consult with us post-move. Your options are unlimited when you choose us among other logistics companies. You can also get bespoke delivery solutions, including moving sensitive assets such as IT equipment and library books.

Logistics Companies in Ocala and Gainesville

As a logistics company, we’ve already helped dozens of firms, schools, and universities relocate their items. We can help companies and organization in Philadelphia, Gainesville and Ocala with all kinds of relocation logistics services, including office, moving, office and systems installation, transportation, storage and warehousing, post-move support, and careful delivery of IT assets.

Where do we fit into your company’s supply chain?  For many businesses, solving their workplace and logistics challenges is a chore.  To most companies, logistics is not a core focus; it’s just the cost of doing business.  If you’re tired of grappling with logistics concerns, Hughes Custom Logistics can fill that gap.  Let us handle the complexities of your company’s logistics needs, reducing your stress level and giving you more time to look at the big picture.  Our philosophy is simple: we create custom solutions for our customers and provide seamless execution.  If you’re looking for office movers in Gainesville, you need to move a lab in Ocala, or you’re tasked with tackling any other big move, Hughes Custom Logistics can help.

As a white glove service provider, Hughes can help with the type of complicated jobs you wouldn’t want to entrust to any neighborhood moving service.  In the past, we’ve moved delicate items like expensive lab equipment and valuable computer systems (our specially trained team can even help with disconnect and reconnect of servers and networks), so you know you can trust us with the things that are important to you.  We’re your one stop service from start to finish; we’ll even help with post-move jobs like debris removal, cleaning, wall patching, steam cleaning, and more.  We have developed partnerships with commercial cleaners, making it simple for you to tie up those loose ends.

Professional Movers in Philly and Florida

Logistics companies, in our view, should offer a comprehensive professional service. Unfortunately, that’s not something that all logistics companies in Philadelphia, Gainesville or Ocala can provide. When you come to us, you can be sure that all your relocation logistics needs will be met. As a world-class logistics company with prestigious clients, you can rest assured that we are the right logistics company for you. After all, unlike many logistics companies, we have been in business for more than 100 years.

Businesses in the Philly area have trusted Hughes for more than 120 years and so can you.  We’ve come a long way since Patrick Hughes began delivering pianos in a horse drawn buggy back in 1895.  Since those days we’ve upgraded our technology a bit, allowing us to assist with even bigger professional moving projects, including library relocation services in Philadelphia and other complex moves.  No matter how complicated your job is, Hughes can provide the expertise that comes with being in business for more than a century, ensuring your move is completed in an efficient and organized manner.

Whether you’re in Philly or your operation is located in central Florida, you’ll be happy to know that we can dispatch professional movers to businesses in that area as well.  There’s no relocation job too complicated for us, so get in touch with Hughes today for a quote.  You can fill out our online contact form or make a call to one of our regional offices.  For Philly, call (267) 498-7050, or for Central Florida, call (352) 237-7100.  You won’t find another logistics service as dedicated to treating your things the way we would treat our own, so get in touch with Hughes Custom Logistics today.