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image of empty officeMoving an office location is a bit more complicated than a normal residential move.  Corporate assets like cubicles, office furniture, and IT equipment all require specialized training to move without damaging them, and once they’re moved, it takes skilled installers to put them back together.  Choosing the wrong company could mean thousands of dollars in damage and weeks of wasted time.

Hughes Custom Logistics specializes in a variety of workplace services designed to help businesses manage any type of transition.  With over a century in business, we’ve perfected our techniques and processes to ensure every customer is 100% satisfied every time.  From full-scale office relocations to small internal moves, Hughes tailors solutions that make sense to today’s companies and addresses the many unique needs and demands of commercial moving projects.  From the largest corporation to the smallest family-owned company, businesses of all sizes can count on our reputation and years of experience to effectively plan and organize their office relocation or installation with minimal downtime.  You need a reliable partner to ensure your office move is a success; Hughes Custom Logistics has the resources it takes to be the partner you need, whether you’re in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Central Florida, or anywhere in the country.

Our business movers understand the needs of modern businesses and their needs. We’ve honed our strategies and techniques to meet your needs and offer office equipment moving service that you can rely on and be happy with. You can move the office more easily with our help.

The size and scale of your office relocation don’t matter to us. We carry out services for big companies and small ones, so our commercial movers will certainly be able to offer you the services you want and need. We’re office movers and business movers that can take on any challenge.

Corporate Office Relocation Services in Bucks & Montgomery County, PA

Have you thought about your company’s IT infrastructure during your move?  Our dedicated team of commercial movers includes highly skilled technical installers who have experience working with an assortment of furniture manufacturers and product lines.  Whether you are looking to install new systems furniture, reconfigure your workplace, or update existing workstations with new accessories, Hughes can offer scalable support and a la carte services that go beyond what a typical mover or installer can provide.  Our services are designed with today’s corporations in mind!

Moving offices is a pretty big task, but it doesn’t need to be a big source of stress for you if you make sure of our services. As professional business movers with plenty of experience in this industry, you can rely on us to get the job done properly.

To move office successfully, you need reliable people with experience and expertise; that’s what our office equipment movers offer. Hughes Custom Logistics has designed a set of services that make it easy to carry out your office relocation in a stress-free and efficient way.

Business Movers in Bucks County

modern office interior

Hughes Custom Logistics has the people, the equipment, and the facilities to get your office relocation done

 right.  Here are a few of the specialized features and services Hughes provides every day that average neighborhood moving companies simply can’t offer:

  • Professional crews of movers, packers, installers, and drivers, who all go through a rigorous background check before we employ them
  • Experienced project managers and supervisors who oversee every job ensuring relocations and installations go according to plan
  • Strong union partnerships allow us to satisfy any building requirements with skilled local labor
  • Installation, reconfiguration, and de-installation of all types of workstations
  • Technical installers who are experienced with all major manufacturers
  • 150,000 square feet of fully staffed warehouse space to act as a hub for your vendors
  • Products and furnishings can be delivered to our facility and delivered to your location at your convenience
  • We have our own fleet of company-owned trucks and tractor trailers to make deliveries

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big corporation with national reach or a local business in Montgomery County, PA (just like us), Hughes Custom Logistics can take care of your job from start to finish and beyond.  We’ve been doing business in Philly since 1895 and since that time we’ve earned the trust of our local community and of business owners all over the nation.  It’s our stellar track record and specialized skills that have made us invaluable to all different types of clients; now we want to work for you!

You might have used office equipment movers before but our services offer more because we’re always willing to go the extra mile for our clients. Moving offices with the help of our office relocation team will be easy and straightforward. We’re commercial movers with your needs at heart.

You’ll be able to put your trust in our commercial movers because we’ve created a reputation for carrying out the best services in a reliable and trustworthy way. You’ll be able to trust us from the moment you contact us until you’ve moved office. Moving offices is what we’re best at.

If you’ve got an office relocation coming up, head over to our contact page and fill out the online contact form, give us a call at our Philadelphia area office, or if you need commercial office movers in Gainesville, call our Central Florida office.  Moving an office doesn’t have to be complicated; let us make your next corporate move simple.  Don’t hire a company without the resources to handle your office relocation.  Get in touch with Hughes Custom Logistics today!