Flexible Storage Space Solutions To Suit You

image of empty officeIf there’s one thing your enterprise could do without its unnecessary overheads. But when your storage and warehousing needs are in a near-constant state of flux, they can seem unavoidable. It can be frustrating when storage and warehousing solutions oscillate between being inadequate or surplus to requirements. Fortunately, we believe in a better way.

Complete Customization

Our flexible storage solutions are completely customizable in line with your needs. We understand that many businesses experience fluctuations in inventory volume and must account for seasonal changes in demand. That’s why we design our storage solutions to be tailored to the needs of each and every customer to completely eliminate the need for surplus spending.  Pricing is available in terms of pallet, skid, vault, weight, cubic foot, or square foot.

No Job Too Big Or Too Small

Storage solutions and warehousing aren’t the only areas in which we offer complete flexibility. We don’t believe that there’s any room for one size fits all solutions in the commercial and logistics services industry. Be they large or small, we help you to determine the best storage solutions in line with your needs. No more, no less.

Trust the best

Your enterprise deserves the best. With roots in the transportation industry dating back to 1895, Hughes Custom Logistics are pioneers in the field of commercial and logistics services in the Philadelphia and Central Florida areas. We deliver bespoke commercial and logistics solutions based around your needs and strive to bring the utmost value to each of our customers.

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