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Here at Hughes Custom Logistics, we offer unbeatable solutions for your medical equipment and laboratory moving needs. It does not matter whether you require transportation of high-value medical equipment, sensitive equipment or delicate lab supplies, you can depend on us to offer a successful and secure relocation of your items. Our crews are fully trained and know how to handle expensive and sensitive equipment for medical laboratory settings.

Moving Medical Equipment

Our company fully understands that moving medical equipment requires special techniques to guarantee a smooth transition. From secure packaging and extensive training of our crew to a global network of resources, Hughes Custom Logistics is a top choice in medical equipment moving services. We can move a variety of medical equipment pieces for our customers such as MRIs, surgical chairs, x-ray machines, sterilization equipment, operating room equipment, exam equipment, curing lights, ultrasound equipment and more.

Moving Laboratory Equipment

Here at Hughes Custom Logistics, we know that moving a laboratory to a new location is a sensitive process. If you need to move microscopes, workbenches, lab supplies, curing units, ovens, amalgamators, dust collectors or any other sensitive equipment pieces, we will be able to perform a secure lab move for you. Our staff is fully trained and uses top of the line specialized moving equipment. The contents of your lab will be in safe hands.

Moving Office Equipment

We understand that your office equipment is necessary to get through each day. Office items such as fax machines, copiers, furniture and printers are essential for business operations. Because of their importance, we understand that you don’t want your items to be damaged during a move because it can negatively affect the productivity of your staff. When you are looking for professional office equipment movers, consider choosing Hughes Custom Logistics for all your moving needs. We are the experts at moving office equipment and can assist you with other needs such as returning a leased copier or other office equipment back to their respective companies.

No matter what you need to be moved from your medical facility or laboratory, we are here to help you out. Speak with one of our friendly representatives for more information and to get your moving questions answered today.