IT Asset Moving
& Handling

Hughes Custom Logistics provides a number of services to address the IT needs companies have during transition and relocation. At the workstation level our crews are trained to disconnect and reconnect desktop computers, monitors and peripherals. Our process utilizes static-free PC and monitor bags designed specifically to protect your equipment and moving labels to stay organized. Beyond handling office equipment Hughes Custom Logistics also specializes in server and full network relocations. Our technical engineers develop a plan with your IT department and handle everything from preparing server racks and contents for safe transport, labeling and pulling IT cabling to setting up your entire IT infrastructure at destination.

  • Trained teams for desktop PC disconnect and reconnect
  • Computer and IT equipment is handled with care using proper materials
  • Highly trained and experienced team designated for server and network revocations
  • Server and asset revocations are managed end to end by designated team able to travel anywhere in the country your equipment is

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