If you need Asset Recovery, we can help you to recycle, repurpose, or resell assets like furniture and IT. Oftentimes, companies will not move cubicles or outdated electronics, but space must still be left clean for new buyers or tenants. Getting rid of everything might seem like the best thing to do, but because you’ll have to pay for the labor to take your workstation down and remove the obsolete IT equipment, it is better to use our asset recovery service to get some value back from these items.

When you use our service to retrieve some value from the items you no longer need or want, it’s not a complete loss. As we have connections with used furniture dealers, e-waste recyclers, and auction houses, we can find all kinds of quick and effective ways to sell the items that you no longer want and help you to get some of that cash back.

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We also work with non-profit organizations that accept tax-deductible donations, so if it comes to this you will know that your items have gone to a good cause.

Don’t leave your furniture and old IT equipment there to get trashed. Work with our asset recovery team and get some money back, or make sure your items go to a good cause. It’s the smartest, most cost-effective, and most environmentally friendly thing to do when you are moving office space for whatever reason.

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