Your office move has been carefully planned in the minutest detail. Your budget has been carefully and painstakingly crafted to ensure that not a penny has been wasted in your move. Your employees have been primed for your move and you’ve done everything that you possibly can to minimize downtime. Nevertheless, even the best laid plans can sometimes go awry. No matter how much planning you put in, sometimes fate steps in to knock over your carefully constructed house of cards.

That’s where we come in!

On-site supervision can ensure that all your careful planning isn’t derailed by the unexpected. Our experience has taught us that last minute challenges can derail a carefully planned timetable and cause scope creep that unbalances even the most well-considered budget.

Fortunately, our experienced project managers shine brightest in your moments of need. We hire experienced troubleshooters who thrive on problem-solving and we empower them to make the decisions necessary to keep the crews moving.

By proactively monitoring the move crews, we’re able to avoid bottlenecks and stay on schedule. The net result for you is a move that goes as planned, reduces your downtime and ensures that your budget isn’t negatively impacted.

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No matter how confident you feel in your pre-move planning, don’t leave your big day to fate! Get in touch with one us and we’ll allocate an experienced project manager to your move to render on-site supervision to ensure a flawlessly smooth relocation.

After all, that’s what your business deserves!