Warehouse Distribution Logistics in Philadelphia

storage and warehousing imageWhen you’re confronted with any project related to logistics, whether you’re moving your entire operation or just clearing out space for renovations and upgrades, storage space is always an issue.  Even your day to day operations can be impacted by a lack of storage space.  Small warehouses or self-storage units can be a solution but they don’t always offer all the features you need to ensure your logistics project goes off without a hitch.  To be sure your things stay safe and undamaged during your project, you need on demand warehouses with climate control, security services, enclosed loading docks, and experienced staff members who know how to handle even the most delicate goods.  Small warehouses may not be able to provide all these services and using self-storage units means you’ll be taking care of everything yourself – moving, unloading, organization, and inventory management.  Who has time for that?  For flex warehouse space, on-demand warehouses, and warehouse logistics, Hughes Custom Logistics can provide everything you need to complete your project – from start to finish.

Being able to store your items at a third party warehouse provided by a warehouse logistics firm is essential. Many organizations in Bucks County, Mongomery County, PA, and Philadelphia need to be able to store goods and equipment outside their premises during relocation or as part of their fulfillment operations.

Finding great third-party warehouses and warehouse distribution services can be a challenge, but with our support, you can get all the storage solutions you need.

When it comes to storage, warehouse logistics plays an important role. It connects distribution with storage, providing organizations in Bucks County, Mongomery County, PA, and Philadelphia with a comprehensive solution to their inventory management needs. With warehouse distribution, items are loaded onto trucks and taken to third-party warehouses in a single global service.

On Demand Warehouse Space in Bucks & Montgomery County, PA

Hughes Custom Logistics operates 150,000 square feet of local warehouse space to meet all of your storage and warehousing needs. We offer short and long term storage options and a designated cross-dock area for consolidation projects that only require a local hub for receiving and distribution. Our warehouse includes floor, rack, vault and climate controlled options and is fully staffed to manage your inventory from the moment it is received to the time of delivery. To keep track of your inventory we provide immediate receiving reports as your product arrives and also utilize Windfall asset management software to provide real time visibility into your stored items.

For warehouse logistics and flex warehouse space in Bucks County and the Philadelphia area, get in touch with Hughes Custom logistics today.  We’ve got warehouse space for rent plus additional warehouse logistics services to make your project as simple as possible.  And because we have a second office located in Central Florida, we can also provide warehouse distribution in Ocala and other locations in the Sunshine State.

Small Warehouse Space & Storage

Small warehouses can’t offer all the same services as Hughes Custom Logistics and our location in Montgomery County makes our facilities easily accessible to businesses and individuals in Bucks County, Philadelphia, and all locations in southeastern Pennsylvania.  Here are some of the features that make our for rent warehouse space so appealing:


  • Floor, racking, vaulted, and climate controlled storage areas
  • Trained and experienced warehouse staff who undergo rigorous pre-employment background checks
  • Inventory management software to provide real time visibility into your stored goods
  • Enclosed loading docks to protect against the elements
  • 24 hour security

Organizations in Bucks County, Mongomery County, PA, and Philadelphia are increasingly demanding flex warehouse space. Flex warehouse allows companies to rent out only the space they need, achieving significant savings on warehouse distribution costs. The growth of third party warehouses offering flex warehouse space is substantial, thanks to the convenience and scalability that it provides.

At Hughes Custom Logistics, we take great pains to ensure that you get a quality warehouse logistics service. Our storage solutions include custom racking, climate control, expertly trained staff, inventory management options and much, more more. Using us as your warehouse logistics supplier and renting space has never been more appealing or offered more benefits to your firm. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our warehouse distribution services.

Let Hughes Custom Logistics be your one-stop shop for all your storage needs.  Our warehouse staff members are waiting to hear from you so visit our contact page for the phone numbers of our Philadelphia and Central Florida Offices or fill out our online contact form to hear back from a representative.  Warehousing and logistics don’t have to be complicated; Hughes can take care of your project from start to finish and beyond!  Call today; we’re waiting to hear from you!