At Hughes Custom Logistics we have an abundance of solutions to offer you. Organizing your trade shows and exhibits couldn’t be easier with our expert help. We fit perfectly into the supply chain of your company, as we can assist you in moving your displays whenever you need to. Handing your displays is the top of our priority list so you can trust us every step of the way.

Taking the Stress Out of Your Day

We understand that you need time and energy to focus on your business goals and make your trade show exhibits stand out amongst the crowd. This is where Hughes comes in to save the day, as we can take care of all the logistical elements you might not want to deal with. Our trade show managers are qualified to provide your exhibits with white glove treatment. From start to finish your exhibit team will have support in setting up, bringing down and wrapping up your equipment.

Contact Us Today

As a white glove service provider, we can assist with complex tasks that other providers might not have the experience in doing. Get in touch today and you will be greeted by one of our reliable and friendly team members. We are here to meet your logistical needs when it comes to trade shows and other business exhibits.