Medical Equipment Logistics

Moving and installing sensitive lab equipment or medical equipment requires significantly more planning and forethought than moving a residential home.  That means you can’t trust your lab or medical equipment transportation job to just any moving company.  Your average mover simply doesn’t have the specialized training and experience it takes to safely move your expensive lab supplies and equipment.

When you’re looking for a moving company to handle your medical equipment logistics, the most important factor to consider is experience.  Hughes Custom Logistics can provide the level of expertise and professionalism needed to properly handle the highly valuable supplies and unique equipment used in hospitals, laboratories, clinics, and urgent care facilities every day.  Our dedicated teams have decades of combined experience working in healthcare environments, assisting with all sorts of medical equipment logistics jobs from internal moving to inside delivery and installation services.

If you’re looking for the best medical equipment transportation company for your job in Florida or the Philadelphia area, look no further than the experienced team at Hughes Custom Logistics.

Medical & Laboratory Moving & Distribution

No matter what kind of medical equipment transportation job you need done, Hughes Custom Logistics can help.  We employ the best professionals in the industry, so we can provide any of the following services and more:

  • Internal moving for hospitals and labs including specialized handling of high value equipment
  • Receiving, storage, and consolidation of medical equipment and furniture in our warehouse
  • Skilled crews to provide inside delivery and installation of medical and lab furnishings and equipment
  • Decommission services to remove existing unwanted furniture or equipment for disposal or repurposing when possible

While we started out in 1895 moving pianos and other belongings around Philadelphia, we’ve spent over a century learning every detail of the logistics business.  Since those days, we’ve extended our knowledge base and expanded our workforce to include only the best professionals in the industry.  We even grew our operation to include offices in two states and as an agent for United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit, our reach covers the entire country.  With over a century in business, you know you can entrust our people with your valuable lab and medical equipment.  We’ll take great care of all your things and make sure the job is done correctly from start to finish.

Whether you’re moving a lab in Philadelphia or you need medical equipment transportation in Gainesville, Florida, Hughes Custom Logistics has a reputation for providing the best service.  If you’ve got a job that involves moving sensitive equipment and supplies from a hospital, clinic, laboratory, or any other medical or scientific facility, don’t call just any moving company; call the one that’s done those types of jobs before.  Of course, we don’t just provide our services to the laboratory and medical industries; we also serve the hospitality industry, office and industrial sector, schools and libraries, retail, and more!  After more than 100 years in business, we’re still a family enterprise, so you know we’ll take extra good care of all your things; after all, it’s our family’s reputation that’s on the line.

No matter what type of moving job you need done, we can help.  Get in touch with Hughes Custom Logistics today.  We’re waiting to hear from you!

Serving Busy Medical Professionals

Our firm excels in the challenging field of Medical Logistics. We’ve invested in the specialized resources required to relocate laboratories and medical diagnostic facilities carefully and efficiently. Our extensive background in the field of medical equipment transport services makes us the first choice as a provider of hospital relocation services in Pennsylvania and Central Florida.

Our firm serves facilities across Montgomery County PA, for example. We offer excellent temporary storage services, plus secure packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking oversight. Use our relocation experts to help coordinate lawful laboratory relocations locally, nationwide, or internationally.

Tailored Medical Facility and Hospital Relocation Assistance

The relocation of labs and diagnostic facilities requires careful planning. Different laboratories maintain specialized equipment. Additionally, these sites may routinely encounter infectious agents, or work with hazardous chemicals.

Movers must adhere zealously to appropriate infection control protocols during laboratory and equipment transfers. Hughes Custom Logistics specializes in this field. We afford clients a sophisticated level of service in the hospital relocation marketplace.

Some Important Medical Logistics Considerations

Clients trust Hughes Custom Logistics because we’ve developed an excellent track record for managing safe, cost-effective laboratory and medical equipment transport services in the Greater Philadelphia Area. We adhere meticulously to both client instructions and applicable federal, state, and local regulations. Our fully licensed movers handle sensitive instruments and diagnostic equipment with care.

Your department won’t lose access to expensive tools and assets because preventable damage occurred during a relocation. You also won’t need to hold concern about movers recklessly exposing your enterprise to liability, OSHA violations, or other adverse impacts. Contact us for knowledgeable Medical Logistics assistance throughout Central Florida and Montgomery County PA.

Secure Medical Equipment Transport Services

During every hospital relocation, our firm maintains impeccable security. Our experienced medical logistics team ensures your enterprise won’t lose control over pharmaceutical and testing supplies and proprietary data. Nor will you sustain inventory pilferage during transit and storage procedures.

We screen both our personnel and our subcontractors carefully. We also maintain tightly temperature-controlled, dry, secure moving and temporary storage facilities. Call upon our skills in medical logistics in Philadelphia and Montgomery County PA with confidence!

Schedule Service

Do you anticipate the need to select a hospital relocation firm in this region soon? We gladly accept invitations to submit bids for our services. Contact us for assistance at 888-253-3272.