Medical Equipment Logistics in Gainesville

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The medical facilities and clinics in Florida are some of the best in the country.  They utilize the latest in medical equipment and techniques to create the best outcomes possible for their patients, keeping them happy and healthy.  When these facilities need to move equipment and supplies, they turn to the best professionals in the medical equipment logistics industry to ensure their valuable items stay safe and undamaged.  To pull off a medical equipment transportation job, it takes a professional crew with specialized knowledge about how to safely handle the life-saving equipment Florida’s doctors and physicians use every day.

Hughes Custom Logistics has managed a number of jobs related to medical equipment logistics in Philadelphia, and we offer the same services to our clients in Central Florida as well.  Whether you’re in Gainesville, Ocala, or anywhere else in Central Florida, Hughes can assist with your medical equipment transportation job from start to finish and beyond.  Not only do we offer services related to packing, moving, and installation for medical facilities, we can also provide secure warehouse space to store items during a move, a remodel, or for your everyday storage needs.

Medical equipment is often highly sensitive and carefully calibrated. That’s why medical logistics is so necessary: it’s a specialist service that assists in hospital relocation, providing medical practitioners with a safe way to transport highly valuable and delicate equipment.

Finding hospital relocation experts in Ocala and Gainesville can be a challenge. But with our help, you needn’t look far. We have vast experience in medical logistics and can provide you with a range of helpful hospital relocation services to make hospital relocation easier.

Excellent medical logistics services should offer clinics and hospitals the option of moving equipment internally – in other words, providing a hospital relocation service that takes things from one location to another.

Medical Equipment Transportation in Ocala

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For over 100 years, residents of Philadelphia and surrounding areas have trusted Hughes Custom Logistics to move their valuable items and when we expanded our operation to include Central Florida, we approached our work with the same high standards as we always have.  Our professional staff members will treat your items like they were own.  Here are some of the services we’ve offered to medical professionals in the past:

  • Internal moving for hospitals and labs
  • Specialized handling of valuable medical and lab equipment
  • Receiving of medical equipment and furniture, including long and short term storage and consolidation
  • Providing skilled crews experienced with inside delivery and installation of medical furniture and equipment
  • Decommissioning of unwanted medical equipment and furniture, including disposal services and repurposing whenever possible

Medical logistics also involves specialist handling of lab equipment and putting devices into long-term storage in a way that will preserve their value and usefulness. Warehousing is a critical component of any hospital relocation plan.

During hospital relocation, some medical institutions discover that they no longer need or want their medical equipment. Part of the job of a good medical logistics firm is, therefore, to handle and process the decommissioning of equipment and disposal.

If you’re looking for a hospital relocation firm in Ocala or Gainesville, then you’ve come to the right place. Our range of logistics options ensures that no matter where you want to move, or what equipment you need to relocate, you have the professional support you need. Not only can we get the job done, but we can also provide post move support and advice.

If you’re looking for a professional crew to assist with moving a medical facility, lab, or clinic, look no further than Hughes Custom Logistics.  You won’t find another company with the same kind of experience we have completing logistics projects for the medical industry.  Head over to our contact page to find numbers for our Philadelphia and Central Florida locations and call us today to get a quote for your job.  We’re waiting to hear from you!