After many years of assembling and delivering all product displays internally, Dorman Products began facing issues with space and assembly for the 5,000 pallets required. They needed a warehouse big enough and a project team with the flexibility and experience to construct all 5,000 displays quickly and efficiently within their 2-week timeframe. With very specific metrics and data to meet their deadlines, they reached out to Hughes Custom Logistics with ideas about how our team could fill in all the missing pieces to make it all possible.


As the leading innovator in the automotive market for over a century, Dorman Products releases hundreds of new parts and accessories for wholesalers and consumers every month. Their world-class team of product engineers, researchers, installers and mechanics work with all major retailers throughout the US and around the world.

With the constant development of revolutionary products and exclusive solutions, Dorman Products conducts a large scale assembly project every winter to showcase over 12 SKUs of new product within one consolidated display. A total of 5,000 displays are shipped to auto stores all over the world as an integral part of the company’s outreach.


Twenty-one, 40ft. containers carrying all the necessary parts for each display were shipped from China to Hughes Custom Logistics’s warehouse to be offloaded and assembled. Over the course of 7.5 straight days, a 23-man assembly line worked 8 hours a day, producing a finished display every 30 seconds. As the displays were completed, Hughes Custom Logistics forklifts took them to the warehouse dock where transport carriers were loaded to ship the product to their auto store destinations.

As a company whose products keep the world moving, Dorman Products found a partner who had the amenities and manpower to keep up the pace. By outsourcing their needs and utilizing Hughes Custom Logistics facilities and resources, Dorman Products was able to put the project stressers out of “site” and out of mind as all 5,000 product displays were assembled and shipped within the short 2 week turnaround.